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What Can I Do?

Thank you for your interest in ReformAMT!

Whether directly or indirectly affected by AMT there are a number of ways you can assist with the reform cause:

  • Register with ReformAMT

    By taking a moment to fill out the form, you formally become a supporter of the ReformAMT organization. Whether or not you were hit with AMT, statistics gathered from your participation are greatly appreciated.

  • Donate to ReformAMT

    ReformAMT is a grassroots effort, and is supported by the volunteer efforts and contributions of our members. In passing legislation, we have incurred lobby bills and expenses over the last 8 years. We need your help - we rely on individual and corporate contributes to pay our debts. The money that is collected by ReformAMT is used for our Washington efforts, letter campaigns, press releases, media expenses, and legal assistance for those affected by the AMT. We greatly appreciate any and all donations.

  • Spread the Word

    Tap your network, family, friends, colleagues, long lost cousins! Point them to

    Remember your company, your CPA, your financial advisor - Many corporations have helped us with funding and support.

  • Contact ReformAMT
    General Information and Media Contacts
    Jeff Chou
    (650) 207-3940

    P.O. Box 915
    Cupertino, CA 95015

    ReformAMT's Congressional Committee Chair
    Jay Cena
    (408) 482-2400