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Subject: ISO-AMT relief support in upcoming legislation (HR 3861 and S 2389)

Dear Madame Speaker :

Thank you so much for all you and your offices' efforts in working to provide relief to District 8 and California families suffering from ISO AMT tax imposed on "phantom income" never received. We are immensely grateful for the House's leadership and demonstration of a sense of fairness, in including the comprehensive ISO-AMT relief in HR 3861 twice as part of the broad AMT Patch relief last December. Unfortunately, the House version of the AMT patch did not pass. We are still here and respectfully ask for your full support for the ISO-AMT provision in upcoming legislation.

Out of the 53 districts in California, District 8 is in the top 3 hardest hit with ISO-AMT. We have been suffering for more than eight years, and we are desperate. The IRS is seizing assets - some have already lost their homes, and others are days away. No family can afford to pay, nor is it fair to make them pay, taxes on "phantom" income they never had.

[Your personal facts and story]

The full and fair ISO AMT relief included in Mr. Van Hollen's AMT Credit Fairness and Relief Act HR 3861 and its Senate peer S 2389, is needed to restore fairness and prevent families from continuing to suffer under severely unfair and disproportionate tax rates.

In addition to our homes, many of us affected have lost retirement accounts, children's education accounts, filed bankruptcy, and had our wages garnished. You can imagine the effects this has had on the entrepreneurial spirit and businesses of the Bay Area. An element of compensation intended to provide an incentive to work hard and invest in the long-term success of companies has turned into a debilitating and de-motivating nightmare for employees.

Please help to ensure that this full and fair, much-needed and long-awaited ISO AMT relief is passed this year.

Thank you again for your service to, and all you do for, District 8 families and businesses, California and the United States!

[Your Name]
[Your Address and Contact]