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Mission Statement

ReformAMT is the largest non-partisan, grass roots organization focused on a broad legislative remedy to correct a flaw in the Alternative Minimum Tax.s (AMT) antiquated treatment of Incentive Stock Options (ISOs). This widespread issue has financially devastated taxpayers who, under the current law, must pay taxes on phantom income they have never received. Founded in 2001, ReformAMT has grown to include thousands of members in 48 states & 306 Congressional districts. ReformAMT has been at the forefront of educating corporations, tax professionals, trade associations and lawmakers about the AMT.s negative impact on taxpayers who exercise incentive stock options and continues to work closely with these groups as well as organizations such as the Coalition for Tax Fairness to achieve full relief for taxpayers.

Our mission is to correct an injustice created by the way in which the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) is inappropriately and unjustly imposed upon owners of incentive stock options. Through the building of a grassroots tax reform organization we seek to urge Congress to correct this flawed tax code, which has resulted in financial devastation for taxpayers obeying this law.

We are hard-working taxpayers who seek to educate the public and dispel rumors about Alternative Minimum Tax or AMT. Created in 1969, the AMT was designed to make sure that the very rich, using tax loopholes to their benefit, would not be able to escape all tax. It worked for a while but there are many flaws, and now many of our members and more are suffering the consequences. They are paying taxes on paper gains that were never realized.

Many people misunderstand AMT and scoff at those affected, calling them " millionaires who do not want to pay their taxes". In fact, many of those affected by AMT never made a dime selling their incentive stock options, or ISOs, and never will. Many are middle-class Americans from all across the US and range from administrative assistants and engineers to accounting managers and CEOs.

Through our proactive efforts to educate members of Congress, influential trade organizations, and taxpayers (particularly those working in the high tech industry) we were successful in achieving landmark legislation in 2006. Our latest efforts for 2007 will help more taxpayers escape financial devastation and had broad bi-partisan support. However, given the current challenging political climate, we need everyone's help in order to get this year's AMT bill passed in the Senate. Our goal of working closely and educating all members of Congress will not only save the financial futures of many of our members but will prevent others in the future from experiencing the same devastating consequences from AMT.

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