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Call to Action, UPDATED NOVEMBER 14

Our window for passage this year is NOW !!!!

All of our hard work and efforts are paying off. We are on the cusp of securing expansive ISO AMT relief THIS YEAR - in fact, in the NEXT FEW WEEKS!!!

News from Washington DC is that Congress will be passing a yearly tax package (called the "Tax Extenders/AMT Patch") before they leave for the Christmas Break. The good news is that ISO AMT Relief (Section 103) was part of the original Tax Extender package that was included in the bill that passed the House. We now need to work hard to secure our provision in the Senate version.

We have two challenges: We need to make sure the ISO AMT relief that is passed in the House (Section 103) is included in the Senate. Many special interests will be fighting to be included on the Tax Extenders; we need to make sure ISO AMT Relief (Sec 103) is kept as a top priority.

  1. Senate: We ask that you contact your DC and District Senate Offices, asking for inclusion of House Section 103 in the Senate version. (draft letter below)
  2. House: We ask that you continue to contact your DC and District House Offices, asking for additional co-sponsors to HR 3861 which will signal broad bi-partisan support to the Senate, helping us yield inclusion in the Senate version of the Extenders Package.
Please take a few minutes so that you, your family members, and friends, can send a short email or faxed letter to your Senate and House Staff contacts in both Washington, D.C. and the local District offices. (sample provided below; it can be very short because now this issue is understood so no explanation is needed), and make a quick follow up call to your Representative and Senators a few days later.

Do you need help identifying your state Senator or Congressman?

If you haven't established a working relationship with Senate and House Staffers?
Please go to and submit your zip code. If you have established past Staff contacts make contact with them directly. If you haven't established past Staff contacts the link above may identify the Tax Staffer or Legislative Director from there you can send and email that will reach your representative. We also ask that you fax (let's leave nothing to chance!) your letter as well. Alternately you can send mail to and we will guide you in your communications with each office.

Your efforts and a few minutes of your time at this critical juncture can make all the years of hard work pay off for you, your family, your colleagues and your friends.

As always, please keep us informed on your efforts. If you are having trouble locating your representatives, please email us for help at or call us at one of the numbers below.

Thank you so much. We 100% participation in this final stretch!!

Jay Cena
(408) 482-2400 (PST)

Rebecca Metz
(512) 560-5211 (CST)

PROPOSED MESSAGE TO YOUR REPRESENTATIVE AND SENATORS (Feel free to include a sentence or two on your particular situation or the situation of someone you know.):

Dear Honorable [Representative] [Senator]:

Thank you so much for all you and your offices' efforts in working to provide relief to [Your State] families suffering from ISO AMT tax (HR 3861) on "phantom income". We understand that Congress will be passing a tax package before the end of the year.

Please provide your full support in the Senate for including, in whatever tax package the Senate passes in 2007, the full and fair ISO AMT Relief which was submitted as an amendment in Ways and Means Committee, passing unanimously on a voice vote that was then included in the Temporary Tax Relief Act of 2007 recently passed by the House.

That full and fair ISO AMT relief is set forth in the AMT Credit Fairness and Relief Act HR 3861 sponsored by Rep. Van Hollen and lead Republican Rep. Sam Johnson, with original cosponsors Rep. Richard Neal and Rep. Jim Ramstad. HR 3861 was added in its entirely to the Temporary Tax Relief Act of 2007, and all the relief in HR 3861 is needed to restore fairness and prevent families from continuing to suffer severely unfair and disproportionate tax rates due to ISO AMT.

[Your State] families have been suffering for more than seven years and we are desperate. No family can afford to pay, nor is it fair to make them pay, taxes on "phantom" income they never had.

Thanks for your service and leadership for [Your State]!

[Your name]
[Your Address and Contact]