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October 2006 Focus and Goals

  1. Help on funding our efforts!

    Go here and click on the Make a Donation button

  2. Help us increase our National Membership! Contact your family, friends, and other networks. Make any updates and changes to your own Member information. We have members in 48 different states (none in Vermont or North Dakota) and 297 out of 435 (68%) of the U.S. Congressional districts. Our goals are to add 1 new State (to bring our total to 49 States) and to add 38 new Congressional Districts (to bring our total to 335, or 77%, Congressional Districts).

    Go here to sign up or update your Membership Information

  3. Help us on our Press! Share your stories with Letters to Editors in publications. If the press contacts you, get in touch with us ASAP.

    Go here for information to give to the press

If you have any questions or if you are contacted by the press, before your respond, contact:

Jay Cena
(408) 257-3296 (PST)