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Call to Action, UPDATED OCTOBER 1, 2008

October 2 11:42pm (EST) - UPDATE

Our champions in DC have indicated that the vote count is "razor thin" and EVERY VOTE is critically important. Passage of the bill is not certain. PLEASE RESPOND TO THE CALL TO ACTION!!!

Click here to see your House Representative voted on Monday (Financial bill before Senate amendments). Click on "By state/territory" tab. Remember that we need their YES vote - be humble and respectful in all communications. They may, in fact, have already switched their position.

The Senate has passed the Financial bill (H.R. 1424 with Senate amendments) tonight. This bill includes the House's Financial bill that was defeated on Tuesday with some significant changes (Emergency Economic Stabilization bill) and the additions of Energy Improvement and Extension, AMT patch, Tax Extenders, and Disaster Relief (basically, one big bill that includes everything). OUR PROVISION IS IN! This will likely be the last vehicle of the year.

We need to concentrate on the HOUSE. They will be considering the bill over the next couple of days, with the vote scheduled for Friday.

Click here to read the text of the Senate bill. We are on pages 265 to 267, section 103. Recall that our provision :
  1. Removes the income phase-outs.
  2. Accelerates the refund period to 2 years (down from 5).
  3. Abates all outstanding liabilities, penalties, and interest.
  4. Refunds penalties and interest already paid on fully paid liabilities.


This is especially important if you live in California, Massachusetts, Ohio, or Pennsylvania.

Contact your Representative

  • Click here to get your Representative's information (contact and party affiliation).

  • The message is simple, "Please support the Financial Bill that contains vital ISO-AMT relief."

  • Highest Priority is a PHONE CALL (only takes 2 minutes). Ask to speak with the Tax Policy Advisor or the Tax Legislative Assistant. If you have an established relationship with others in the Representives's office, ask to speak to that/those person(s). If you can't speak to your contact live, be sure to leave a voice mail message.

  • Next Highest Priority is to follow up with a FAX (see sample letter below)

  • Email your Representative

  • Tap your network - family, friends, peers, support groups - point them to this Call to Action!.

As always, please keep us informed on your efforts by emailing us at

Thanks so much!!! and please call if you have any questions.

Jay Cena
(408) 482-2400 (PST)

Jeff Chou
(650) 207-3940 (PST)

Subject : Asking for your support of the Financial bill that contains vital ISO-AMT relief

Dear Honorable [Representative]:

I understand that Congress is considering the Financial bill that contains the AMT patch and vital ISO-AMT relief. I respectfully ask for your support of this legislation.

[Feel free to write about your situation here, but keep it concise, respectful, and humble.]

Passage of ISO-AMT legislation in the AMT patch is urgent as many families are losing their homes to the IRS. In response to a bipartisan Congressional request, IRS Commissioner Shulman agreed to suspend IRS collections until today (end of last fiscal year). However, now that the IRS is resuming its collection efforts, families in your district and across the country are in jeopardy of losing everything they own.

Your support will finally resolve the situation for the many families in your district. Please don't hesitate to give me a call or email if you have any questions or would like additional information.

Thanks again for all that you do for your constituents!

[Your Name]

[Your Address and Contact]