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Call to Action, UPDATED SEPTEMBER 25, 2008

September 26, 2008 - See Senator Grassley on the Senate Floor talk about OUR PROVISION today (WARNING - LARGE DOWNLOAD 22MB)


Yesterday (September 24), the House passed H.R. 7005, the AMT Patch with our provision in! However, this is NOT the same bill that was passed by the Senate on Tuesday (September 23). The Senate bill included H.R. 6049, AMT patch, disaster relief, and Energy Tax Package (our provision was included in the Senate AMT patch portion).

So, WE ARE NOT DONE YET. The exact same bill needs to pass both bodies of Congress. But, we have never been closer. We are in BOTH AMT Patches.


We need to make sure that as the Senate and House come together to hammer out the final bill language that we stay included. So, both the Senate and House are important for you to ask for their support of the ISO-AMT provision. Your efforts and a few minutes of your time at this critical juncture, can make all the years of hard work pay off for you, your family, your neighbors. Remember that your efforts make the difference.

Contact your Senators

Contact your Representative

  • Click here to get your Representative's information (contact and party affiliation).

  • The message is simple, "Please support ISO-AMT in upcoming Tax Legislation."

  • Highest Priority is a PHONE CALL (only takes 2 minutes). Ask to speak with the Tax Policy Advisor or the Tax Legislative Assistant. If you have an established relationship with others in the Representives's office, ask to speak to that/those person(s). If you can't speak to your contact live, be sure to leave a voice mail message.

  • Next Highest Priority is to follow up with a FAX (see sample letter below)

  • Email your Representative

  • Tap your network - family, friends, peers, support groups - point them to this Call to Action!.

As always, please keep us informed on your efforts by emailing us at

Thanks so much!!! and please call if you have any questions.

Jay Cena
(408) 482-2400 (PST)

Jeff Chou
(650) 207-3940 (PST)

Subject : Asking for your support of ISO-AMT

Dear Honorable [Representative]:

I understand that Congress is considering Tax Legislation. I respectfully ask for your support for ISO-AMT (HR 3861 / S 2389).

This legislation will:

  1. Ensure no employee has to pay a disproportionate tax based on phantom income, but that everyone pays a just and proportional tax on income actually received.

  2. Employees who have not been able to pay the grossly disproportionate tax, are relieved of these unintended liabilities, interest and penalties.
[Feel free to write about your situation here, but keep it concise, respectful, and humble.]

Your support will finally resolve the situation for the many families in your district. Please don't hesitate to give me a call or email if you have any questions or would like additional information.

Thanks again for all that you do for your constituents!

[Your Name]

[Your Address and Contact]