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Call To Action for Senate Tax Extenders


As you know, we've made huge steps forward as ISO AMT relief was passed in the House just two weeks ago! This is a paramount milestone in our history and has the attention and the votes of many Congressional leaders.

At the same time, we must continue to press and reinforce our need to have this fixed with those already supporting the bill (primarily GOP members) and work even harder with those in Congress not yet supporting (mostly Democrats). Some of you will receive further instructions and inside contacts for the 20 or so "key" Senate offices. Click here to see how your Senator voted.

Contact your Senator or Chief of Staff in DC and in home District and request their vote for the Tax Extenders Bill, Subtitle B, Section 232 - Credit for Prior Year Minimum Tax Liability Made Refundable After Period of Years.

Click here to find the contact information for your senator. It is best to reach as many offices as you can and build a rapport; but at a minimum, contact the largest central District office.

A few important things to remember that will help to make your contacts successful and effective:

  1. Call both the DC and District Offices. (Senator, Chief of Staff or Field Rep. in District Office, and Tax Policy Advisor in DC Office) If you can't speak to a person live, be sure to leave voice mail. Take note of who you spoke with and keep us apprised of ALL your efforts by sending updates to We are monitoring and coordinating efforts in each Senate Office.

    If your Senator has already pledged his/her support, keep the issue fresh in his/her mind by dropping a quick message or thanking them.

  2. Email, Fax, or hand deliver your letter to your Senator in District or DC. Do not use mail or even FedEx, as many Congress offices won't even accept mail after all the anthrax problems. Here are 2 form letters you can customize and use:

    Please send a copy of your message to

  3. Encourage Others (ISO AMT victims you know; friends; family members; your network) to Contact their Senators. You can always offer to write a letter on their behalf.

  4. Donations. This doesn't happen all by itself. We need your support to keep the effort running. Money goes to Press Releases, Lobbying effort, maintaining the web site, travel to DC, etc. Please consider helping the cause:

If you have any questions or if you are contacted by the press, before you respond, contact:

Jay Cena
(408) 257-3296 (PST)

Notes on message to your Senators

After a brief summary of your personal story, or the story of your friend or family member on whose behalf you are writing, the key messages should be:

  1. ISO AMT relief is a matter of fundamental fairness in that no American should be forced to pay tax on income never received, leading many to poverty and bankruptcy.
  2. The need for relief in 2006 is urgent, as you and other families have been suffering from these severely unfair tax burdens for more than five years. Without immediate relief, people will continue to lose their homes, retirement accounts, and children's education accounts.
  3. Imposing these unintended and unfair tax burdens are punishing hard work, honesty, and entreprenuerial behavior. It is undermining America's economy and competitiveness in the world market.
The House of Representatives has passed ISO AMT Relief legislation, and now your respectfully urge your Senators to do everything they can to pass ISO AMT Relief in 2006.