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Call to Action January 29

We know that most of you would like nothing more than to put this all behind you - trust us, you are not alone. All of us have learned that the legislative process is slow and uncertain - even when the cause is straightforward and just. But we have also seen that with perseverance and tireless effort and teamwork, we have made consistent, significant and unrelenting progress over the years as demonstrated by passage of AMT relief in 2006 and 2007.

We are closer than ever. Never before have we had legislation that provides such comprehensive relief that will end the nightmare for all.

Thank-you for the few dozen pledges and donations, but we need MANY MANY MORE! We have not been able to pay down our debts. Our current shortage of funds is jeopardizing our chances for success and the Leaders' resolve.

Thank-you for the thousands of letters, call, and faxes sent in response to our Call to Actions last year which have resulted in securing new cosponsors, building positive momentum, and further educating Congress on the issue.

We need your continued support!

  1. Even if you have already done so, please contact your Senators' Offices in DC AND in District - email, fax, AND phone.

  2. Even if you have already done so, if you live in San Francisco, please contact your Speaker Pelosi' Offices in DC AND in District - email, fax, AND phone.

  3. Make a pledge - Please submit your pledge to help us cover expenses incurred over these 7 years in bringing you this landmark legislative relief. Remember that you may be getting a 20% refund of your AMT credits in the next couple of months.

As always, please keep us informed on your efforts. If you have any questions, email us for help at or call us at one of the numbers below.

Update February 9 - We have received numerous reports across the country of the IRS aggressively stepping up collections activities specifically related to ISO-AMT cases. If you or someone you know is experiencing this, please let us know at

With your efforts, WE WILL WIN!!!

Jay Cena
(408) 482-2400 (PST)

Jeff Chou
(650) 207-3940 (PST)